Who We Are

VintageCars.com is a vintage car restoration company based around a highly talented & experienced group of around 10 craftsmen.

Specialising in the restoration & re-creation of historic vehicle bodywork for both trade customers and private individuals. We pride ourselves in our capacity to provide sympathetic restorations where originality is paramount, through to bringing new car design and development projects to fruition. Examples of our restoration work carried out for private individuals and other top restoration companies are to be seen on the road and race tracks throughout the world. We are based in Lymington, Hampshire UK.

Our Team Partners

Andy Wort

Andy is a highly skilled craftsman who learnt his trade while at Rod Jolley Coachbuilding and was there for many years working upon the worlds most prestigeous and rare vehicles, he has also worked at Roach Manufacturing and owned his own business before becoming a founding partner in VintageCars.com around 10 years ago, he has worked on many projects over the years and gained a wealth of experience that is hard to rival in this trade.

Dugald Revie

Dugal completed the 2 year full time restoration course at Colchester Institute before joining Rod Jolley Coachbuilding where he learnt panel beating for 10 years. He then ran his own business restoring vintage car coachwork and also working for a time with Ron Hickman the well known Lotus designer and creator of the Black and Decker Workmate to help him realise and create his prototype vehicles.

Miles Renton-Skinner

Miles served at Rod Jolley Coachbuilding and Roach Manufacturing for many years before becoming a joint founder of VintageCars.com Ltd around 10 years ago. He is a highly skilled panel beater craftsman and has restored many concours winning cars. He has a passion for restoring customer vehicles and getting the details correct in every way and has worked on the world top vehicles for over 20 years now.